couple of new pieces Ive been working on,

Here are a few new art pieces that Ive been working on. they are mostly studies, learning new things with the software, and learning to use the Wacom tablet. Check out the thumb nails below…

lanscape-desert-2.jpg desert-dusk-till-dawn-small.jpg sharp-as-a-feather-small.jpg rose-experiment-small.jpg

tape-monsters-med.jpg treehouse-tripplet-small.jpg floating-reflections-small.jpg

Over the last year or two digital art has been my primary outlet for creative expression. While on the road my camera and computer are always on hand and provide easy access to a artistic mood. Most of the pieces Ive been working on are made by layering photos into a collage, tweeking colors, shades, and Hues, and repeating sampled images to get the final project. Some are a combination of photo layers and painted shapes.


Filtered Wood, I shot photos of trees in  a burnt out forest in  Montana through my goggle lenses to get the reddish filter.  then layered together detailed and far away shots of the trees.


Bee, While in Mexico I came across a interesting plant stalk that was covered in honey bees, I took some detailed shots and came up with this interesting abstraction.


Crows, (original) Several elements came together to create this rainy day looking sky scape. The background elements are actually detailed photos of air bubbles that were trapped in a frozen river, the streaks are formed when the air escaped slowly through the ice. I shot the crows sitting on a temple in Japan while visiting Tokyo for a film tour.


Psy Mandala,  One of my favorite places to shoot photos is at Burning man. This amazing Bamboo structure was built several years ago and is a representation of a Mandala  in three dimensional form. It was constructed using only pegs and rope and was fully climbable, if you look close you can see several people on top.


Sunset Ice Triptic, One part sunset sillouete, one part detailed ice crystals, =glowing trees. These photos were taken in Alaska while on a TGR trip. The Ice was a detailed shot I got from inside a canoe on the lake and the sunset was viewed off our deck.


Space beach Triptic, While in Alaska a near by stream had completely frozen solid allowing clear windows into the depths below. Mosses, bugs and rocks could be viewed through the ice and deep cracks created ribbons of white throughout.  This photo was shot looking straight down into the ice while snow blew across the surface. By changing the Hues of the photo I turned this detailed river into a seeming out of this world place.