We are the Automatic Brothers!

Danna and I explain our new ski from Atomic, with some sweet action from last years trip to Alaska, this and more can be seen in Teton Gravity’s new film The Dream Factory. Check it out Here.

Fresh gear

Now that fall is in full effect, winter is right around the corner, and that means that its time for new gear!

I am super excited that the New Automatic is now available from Atomic. Dana Flahr and I worked with atomic to design our dream ski which combines playfulness with stability to offer a ski that can charge the steeps and float in the deep.

The graphics are going to be alternately influenced by Dana and I starting out with this first version with a painting that I did. Check them out on Atomic’s site HERE.

A painting I titled Tape Monsters

A painting I titled Tape Monsters

Premier time!

Nice little write up by Powder Magazine here

And ESPN  has a little gear review Here


The New Automatic ski from Atomic

A little teaser for the new Automatic ski from Atomic. Dana Flahr and I worked with the design team at Atomic to come up with this addition to there amazing ski lineup. This ski is a directional powder ski taking influence from the Bentchetler, which is a twin powder ski, and from the burly Atlas. It has a v shape (not symetrical, more of a pin tail) is 117 under foot, has a titanium backbone, which makes its stiff but remains light, and comes in three sizes, 179, 186, and 193. It can carve super well on the groomed, blasts through the crud and floats through the powder.  It has minimal rocker in the tail for a nice and stable feel, and full powder rocker in the tip.

Dramatic Alaska ridge POV edit

Lots of hype in this pov edit. The classic formula, guy gets in helli/waves to friends/ ridge thumbs up/ click in/ drop in/ shred some turns/ fade out …. to some dub-step! :) Enjoy!!

ParTy tiMe

While filming for TGRs new movie One For The Road, we found a awesome zone full of spines. The first day we saw it it was in the shade already so we took pictures, scoped it and put it on our hit list.  this is a zone that the suns rays only hit with a glancing blow just after sunrise. by 10am the whole cirque is shaded, so things have to move efficient in the morning to make it happen.

Peru a magical journy

Peru. What an amazing place. Ancient, scared, magical.

Burning Man, 2011

In 1999 my friend and Housemate from bend Oregon took me along in is old VW pop top van to Burning man for the first time. I had read one article about it, and seen a few photos but nothing could have prepared me for the expereince. Our crew then was just about six or seven people, a few tents, a Janky camo net strung between the van and a few cars. Burning man is a place where there is no commerce, its about radical self reliance, and radical self expression. You bring what you need to survive living in a harsh desert climate for a week, and beyond that, you bring what you need to be comfortable, and to be free.  That is was is so powerful about the experience, its a place that anything goes relating to self expression, no one judges, and you are encouraged to participate in the experience by being your self.  Living in an environment, a city, where interactions between people isnt about selling or buying, creates a vibrant energy, that really embraces the roots of human nature, and community.  Of corse it can get weird too. while one persons self expression may not be for all, you feel open to understanding that it is a place for that but maybe not for you.

Since 1999 I have been 11 times, missing one year in 2003 because I was on a ski trip.  After that I realized that Black rock City (as it is known) was a place that fed my soul, my creativity, and inspired me so greatly that it was something that I wanted , I needed to be a part of.  Our crew now consists of 50-60 people, and over the years has gained new faces each year, some bounce in and out balancing the experience of burning man with other adventures, and many friendships, and relationships have formed with this rotating cast.  Portland, Bend, Salt Lake, Reno,San Francisco, San Diego, Jackson, are some of the towns where our inhabitants call home most of the time, but the stark Nevada desert is were we come together to live for one week each year.

Three years ago It was where I met my girlfriend Annie. Burning man is the type of place where powerful sparks can be ignited and in the case of our meeting this was true. She was new to our camp, brought by a mutual friend, and a flame started there that has changed my life.  We have such a strong bond fueled by our creative passions, and inspired by our outlook on life.  I am grateful for a place like Burning man that can cultivate that sort of relationship.

The center piece of our camp is our art car, a double decker, party barge,  made on the platform of a bio-diesel flat bed truck.  It has a large scale sound system, and dj booth, and is a community staple, cruising around the open playa bumping amazing music.  Much like the pied piper, as we troll around, people come running, bobbing there heads from their camps eager to climb aboard regardless of where we are headed.
The city is full of car camping styles of many variety. some have tents, some RVs some igloos made of reflective insulating blocks.  For Annie and I our home is a solar powered, tipi, equipped with lights, and a swamp cooler. A North Face Dome houses our kitchen and area to chill and with that set up we easily live out our time in the desert despite the potentially harsh enviroment. The tipi is such a great place to spend time, its grounding, comfortable and is truly a sacred space.

I am not the only skier to hang in Black rock city, it is a place that has attracted snow people for years. Its no surprise, not batting an eye to harsh environments, in fact enjoying them, while playing is a huge aspect of skiing.  And being prepared, yet thats the name of the game while storm riding, skiers are all aware that by having the right gear will allow you to enjoy the otherwise gnarly climate with glee.  I hung out with Cody Barhill a bunch this year, saw Jacqui Edgerly all over,  Nick DeVore was there, as well as countless others Im sure.  Mconkey had been there a few times, Gafney is a regular, and Ingrid, while she didnt make it this year has been going for as long as I have.  There is even a huge  Apre ski party held every year, complete with fake snow,  and full of goggle clad, stretch pant wearing, ski pole toting burners!

AK photo gallery

Space men

Blue ice cave...

Daron Rhalves amongst hanger cornices

Daron Rhalves amongst hanger cornices

Very big...

Very big...

...to very small, snow forms in amazing ways

down the rapids...

down the rapids...

i phone photo gallery from Alaska